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Making Movement a Priority in Care Homes

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As part of our work with the Notts Falls and Physical Activity Community of Practice, we hosted our THIRD webinar, titled Making movement a priority in our Care Homes (this is becoming a bit of a habit).

The interest in this session was truly overwhelming, with over 180 people signing up to attend the event and half of those people attending for the duration of the webinar. WOW!

Many of them working directly in, or with Care homes across the East Midlands as part of their roles.

In the 1 hour long webinar, which you can watch below, we heard from the people who live by the ‘Making Movement a Priority mantra’ across the stratosphere of our Notts Care Homes.

A huge thank you to those who spoke so wonderfully and passionately about their work. It was incredible see and hear the amazing ideas and work that is happening right now in so many care homes. Thank you to all the speakers!

The projects featured in the webinar include:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Claire Sharpe – Managing Director, Ashmere Care Home
  • Ella Peacock – Partnership and Engagement Lead, ABL Health, Bassetlaw
  • Moriamo Olumayegun  (TK). – Specialist Physiotherapist Enhanced Health in Care Homes Team, Bassetlaw.
  • Lisa Tungate – Home Manager, Rivendell Care Home
  • Panel discussion, question and answer session

The individual presentations are attached below should you want to revisit any of them.

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