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Active Lives Survey

The Active Lives Survey is produced by Sport England to provide an insight into the activity levels across England. We can use the Active Lives data to help us to understand activity levels locally. The Active Lives data is produced annually and details levels of inactivity, along with other measures including types of activity people are doing and what motivates people to be active.

To view and download all of the Active Lives data, Sport England have produced an interactive tool to help you, which can be accessed here but local data has also been collated below.

For more information specifically around the background of the survey please see Sport England’s website:

Craig Homer

Strategic Lead

Main contact for Amber Valley, High Peak and Insight. Also contact for Derbyshire public health commissioning work.


Headline figures JUST RELEASED

Nottinghamshire (EXCLUDING Nottingham)

Derbyshire (EXCLUDING Derby)



Active Lives Survey: Children and Young People

Designed by Sport England, the Department for Education (DfE), the Department for Health (DfH), and the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), the purpose of the Active Lives Survey: Children and Young People is to gain a detailed insight into the current physical activity habits of the nation’s children and young people (5 to 16).

Nottingham (INCLUDES Nottingham)

Derbyshire (INCLUDES Derby)