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The Derby City Falls Prevention Collaboration Space aims to provide an opportunity to highlight the work that is taking place across the City. The hope is to give people from a range of different areas (community, clinical, care settings) the opportunity to come together, share information and learn from each other.

Which will ultimately lead to greater collaboration and understanding of falls prevention in Derby City.

If you’re interested in joining the space, or finding out more information, please contact Alistair Bagnall Alistair Bagnall Alistair.Bagnall@derby.gov.uk

Join our next meeting

We haven’t settled on the next date of our meeting yet. Please re-visit to find out when we do.

Revisit our previous meetings

October 2023

Revisit our first-ever meeting and the presentation from it below 18/10/2023

Revisit our first-ever Derby City Falls prevention collaboration space meeting from October 2023

January 2024

Revisit our first-ever meeting and the presentation from it below 25/1/2024

Derby City Falls Collaboration Space second ever meeting

Falls Prevention information outside in Derbyshire

Take a look at the ‘Strictly No Falls’ classes happening across Derbyshire – click here.

Useful Resources

Top tips to minimise someones risk of falling:

  • Exercise regularly to improve strength and balance – especially ankles and core stregnth
  • Keep home environment safe by removing tripping hazards
  • Wear appropriate footwear with good tread
  • Get regular vision check-ups
  • Review medications for side effects that may increase fall risk or dizzyness