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Understanding People

Here are some of the examples of where some of the considerations have been put into practice.

There are so many amazing community groups engaging with communities and empowering people to be active in a way that works for them, but these are just a few of their stories.

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Newark and Sherwood CVS – Butterfly Project

The team at Newark & Sherwood CVS took the time to understand what matters to those with a terminal diagnosis and their families so support is tailored to their needs.

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Our Gang, Glossop – a neuro divergent youth group

Before setting up the group, the young people were asked what they wanted, what would the name be, how it would be advertised and what activities they wanted. By having a true understanding of the young people and their needs, the club was set up specifically with separate rooms for quiet time, sensory rooms and active areas.

The group lead is neuro divergent herself so understands what is needed by the young people, she is also trusted by the young people and their families.

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Derbyshire Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Support group

The leader (who incidentally has BPD herself) asked the group what they wanted. Because of the feelings they can experience, they find it difficult to interact with people who don’t have BPD. So they want to be in a closed group with people who will understand what they’re going through and won’t judge them. Activities need to be structured and they need to know who’s in charge should they have a problem.

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Deaf-initely Women

Many women had wanted to be active before but weren’t able to access other walking groups because they weren’t aware of their communication needs and they therefore lacked confidence to attend them. They had felt isolated due to the lack of access and therefore very rarely went out. Deaf-initely Women understood those barriers and addressed them.

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She Will

This group for teenage girls is all about empowering them and giving them different opportunities which they then decide which to take forward.

They had had a run one off taster session for aerial dance which the girls hadn’t forgotten so they decided to do a longer set of sessions – over six weeks. After this, over half of the girls continued to attend.

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Ashfield Spartans

The leader worked with local schools to help draw people in as well as using social media including TikTok and word of mouth. Many of the young people know each other and have got to know the leader and coaches through their work in the local schools.