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National Lottery Community Fund – New Strategy

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The National Lottery Community Fund has unveiled its new strategy which says a focus going forward will be on four key missions where it wants its funding to make the biggest impact:

  • Doubling the amount and term of funding available through their Awards for All.  Increasing funding from £10K to £20K for up to 2 years of activity.  This will come into effect this Autumn.
  • £15 million for a new programme to connect communities as the funder seeks to tackle some of the UK’s big social issues.
  • Increasing the amount of funding for climate action to a total investment this year to £35 million.
  • New strategy ‘It starts with community’ will underpin efforts to distribute at least £4 billion of National Lottery funding by 2030.

There will be more announcements to come about new funding opportunities and programmes as The National Lottery Community Fund starts to work through the detailed delivery.

They will:

Support communities to connect by:

  • creating accessible, welcoming places, both physical and virtual, for people to meet
  • initiating engaging and inclusive activities that support connections within and between groups of people
  • enabling people from all backgrounds to shape the future of their communities.
  • cultivating an increased sense of belonging

They’ll invest in communities that foster wellbeing and good physical and mental health.

Support environmentally sustainable communities that:

  • reduce carbon emissions and negative environmental impact
  • create positive environmental impacts
  • establish equality of access to the natural environment
  • improve the quality of natural spaces.

Enable children and young people to thrive by:

  • creating opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds to enjoy community experiences
  • helping children and young people shape the decisions that affect them and their communities
  • providing children and young people access to safe spaces to play, participate, socialise and get support.

Enable people to live healthier lives by:

  • helping reduce health inequalities
  • increasing opportunities for community participation to shape better health services
  • taking a preventative approach to health.

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