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High Peak Innovation Community Infrastructure Grant

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Grant for Investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society/Community – Principally Capital Funding.

Grants are available to registered voluntary and/or community organisations, town and parish councils. 

The funding may be used to fund community spaces, such as village halls, libraries or community centres for local civil society and community groups to use.

The aims the fund is looking for projects to achieve:

  • An increase in number of individuals engaged in the local area / activity.
  • Improved perception of facilities/amenities/accessibility
  • Increased users of facilities or amenities
  • Improved perceived/experienced accessibility

Evidence must be provided that the activity supported will be additional to  previously delivered work/activity .

Minimum grant = £2,000 (project cost at least £2500)

Maximum grant award per organisation = £40,000 (project cost at least £50,000).

The maximum grant rate is 80% which means that organisations must find 20% of the cost to fund the project.

The total funding available through this grant programme for the High Peak area is £28,000 for revenue items and £220,000 for capital projects.

Applicants will be expected to work with Enterprise Support Alliance who have been appointed to assist enterprises with their business plans and advise on grant applications both to this fund and wider national funding. For support please email – enquiries@enterprisesupportalliance.com

Grants will be funded from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and/or the Rural England Prosperity Fund – eligible items may include:

  • Capital items – lasting assets such as a building improvements or equipment – you must spend grants on assets such as a building or equipment which are expected to be used for a period of at least one year. This may include enhancements to existing assets which:
  • Significantly lengthen the life of the asset.
  • Significantly increase the value of the asset.
  • Significantly increase usefulness of the asset.
  • It will not include minor repairs and routine maintenance.
  • Labour costs can only be funded if they are contributing directly to creating the assets e.g. builders, IT developers
  • Architect’s fees of up to 10% and VAT may be added to the costs of eligible works provided that the professional also supervises the works on site.
  • A limited amount for revenue items – such as IT systems, marketing, consultancy
  • Grants must be for community purposes. Grant recipients cannot use grants to fund domestic property.

All successful project applicants must have completed their project, spent and claimed all of the grant by 31st January 2025, at the latest.

Applicants will be paid in arrears for the work on completion.

Applications are now open and will remain open until 31/3/2024 or until the funding is depleted. Applications will be accepted for work in the financial year 2023/24 and for work in the financial year 2024/25 to 31/01/2025.

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