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Comic Relief: Future Funding Opportunity for the Migration Sector

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Comic Relief has recently launched their new five-year organisational strategy which focuses on improved ways of funding and new programme areas.

They have plans for upcoming UK funding opportunity for the Migration sector.

Comic Relief expects to launch a new funding opportunity in February 2024 for organisations that are supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and/or who are doing influencing work for safer routes and improved outcomes for people affected. This will be for organisations that are already working in this area.

The focus will be on the following:

  • Effects of Poverty programme fund works that enables people who bear the brunt of poverty to build community-led solutions and overcome the many problems they face.
  • Tackling Injustices programme funds organisations and movements that strive for fairness and equity, in order to end the injustices that cause and keep people, in poverty.
  • Climate Justice programme will work in places and with people who are already vulnerable and dealing with the effects of climate change.

Further funding criteria is being developed. More information about the funding and the application process will be made available in February 2024.

Click here to check their website for updates.