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Karate is a martial art with the potential to devastate a violent adversary yet at the same time,
through disciplined training within an ethos of respect and good manners, inspire its practitioners to achieve great things in all areas of their lives. We aspire to develop in our members an attitude of perseverance through which a process of continual development
can be achieved and a strong character forged.
Karate is also an exciting sport and our members compete with success in regional and national events throughout the year
under the auspices of the Karate Union of Great Britain (www.kugb.org).
So karate is about many things and has enormous benefits for young and old – the training isn’t easy; but nothing worthwhile
ever is.
The club was established in Keyworth in 1985 by the senior instructor who is a 6th dan black belt and meets at South Wolds School, Keyworth.
The club is affiliated to the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) which is a democratic non-profit making organisation recognised by the official European and World governing bodies.