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Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy is a full time professional martial arts school situated on Exchange Street in Retford North Nottinghamshire. The Chief Instructor Master Andrew Blinston teaches a variety of martial arts programs for all ages and capabilities. All classes are taught in a friendly, safe and controlled environment.

Our family martial arts school; Students will achieve goals through structured and disciplined programs whilst also studying in leadership life skills. Classes are designed for each individual in mind and focus on key areas, such as defence, discipline, respect, confidence, fitness, weight loss, stress relief, motivation and flexibility. Our first school was established in 1986 and with over 44 years of martial arts experience, it is clear to see why students are taught outstanding martial arts.

Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy specialise in professional martial arts for children, teenagers, adults and families, female self-defence, ladies only classes, Tai chi and Hapkido, private lessons, activity camps and school courses.

Call on 01777 700252 or Complete the Online Form to arrange your Free complimentary lesson. 1 month or 6 month Introductory Course.

Free Uniform and Insurance when you join.

Looking for a martial arts in Retford Nottinghamshire, karate for the kids, self defence for adults or kickboxing fitness classes for the whole family. Developing confidence, flexibility where you can get fit and master martial arts disciplines. Training at our martial arts schools will increase your energy levels, loose weight, improve fitness and you will have fun creating a lifestyle change of positive thinking, motivation, focus and leadership.

At our martial arts school in Retford Nottinghamshire we focus on martial arts health, fitness, lifestyle and education, we will deliver the tools to enable you to achieve your desired goals. Our promise to our martial art students, families and friends is that our service is delivered with the highest quality, respect and professionalism.

Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy have a dedicated team of positive, motivated and successful individuals who instruct the highest level of martial arts tuition in Retford Nottinghamshire. In a unique, controlled, safe and comfortable environment we will educate you and your family in martial arts and leadership life skills. Regardless of age, gender or capability, you will have the desire, motivation and confidence to commit to your martial arts training in Nottinghamshire at the highest level. Therefore enhancing your life and emotional well being to its full potential.

Instructors and students at our Retford martial arts school demonstrate outstanding values of respect, perseverance and indomitable spirit. We take the time to share knowledge and wisdom, an important foundation for a trusting relationship. We honour martial arts traditions that go back centuries, our martial arts dojo is dynamic and we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students. Our martial arts classes are injected with zest of enthusiasm and passion! Its like nothing you have encountered before.

Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy in Retford Nottinghamshire is the right place to begin your martial arts and leadership experience. Men, women and children, often whole families in this region join our martial arts school studying the most complete system available and benefiting themselves in so many areas of their lives.

In our martial arts and leadership programs, students will develop self-defence, self discipline, self-confidence and self-respect. Our classes are fantastic for children, teenagers, adults and families. Disciplines are enhanced with leadership life skills, interpersonal skills, team and character building. Students, families and friends are given the opportunity to participate in virtual martial arts training, specialised seminars, kids martial arts fun activity camps, special events and kids birthday parties.

“Self defence is taught in our advanced martial arts programs, part of our curriculum and one of our disciplines”