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Systems Leadership – Who’s in my system?

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Systems Leadership – Who’s in my system?





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This session builds on some of the ideas introduced in Introduction to Systems Leadership.  If systems leadership is about making connections, building relationships and trust, and influencing other people when you don’t have positional power, then a key skill is to orient yourself in your system: to have a real sense of how your system works in practice.  Your system might be a group of organisations in the same sector working together to influence the Integrated Care System; it might comprise a range of sectors, organisations, groups and even individuals, focusing around a particular geography or subject. Your system might be concerned with the wider determinants of health; or focused on a specific issue.  But the first step is to know what you’re dealing with.

So in this session, we’ll introduce the idea of Rich Pictures: drawings not meant as works of art, but as how your system feels to you.  Rich Pictures are a great way of getting down on paper, things that you might sense but find hard to put into words.  They’re also a great way to reveal assumptions. So: who’s in your system? What are the connections between them? Who’s on the inside and who isn’t? What’s the atmosphere like? Where are you? And – crucially – who isn’t in the frame?

We’ll then go on to look at how you identify and map the stakeholders in your system, so that you can focus on the people who matter most to you; or, if you don’t know who they are, so that you can make it your task to find out.

As with all the sessions, this will be practical and experiential.  Bring pencils, pens and paper!

The session will be 3 hours long from 1pm to 4pm.