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Making Movement a Priority in Communities

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Making Movement a Priority in Communities

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This is a FREE Webinar, organised and hosted by the Notts falls prevention & physical activity community of practice.

In this session we will come together collectively to look at how communities are prioritising movement in Notts and Derbyshire. We will hear about the common barriers and the importance of socialising, before hearing from people working to embed strength and balance provisions in their own community.

At this event we’ll have presentations from

  • Derbyshire County Council- Adult Health and Social Care – Commissioning the Falls Prevention Programme in Derbyshire- Live Stronger for Longer
  • Nottingham Forest Community Trust- Parkinson’s walking football
  • The studio Beeston- Embedding PA into Dementia Daycare in the Community
  • Strength and Balance Map- an ask for it to be updated/ populated/ used
  • Carlton Bench mapping video and intro to set the context around the wider consideration of maintaining mobility to enable access to strength and balance provision

This webinar is FREE to attend and our speakers are voluntarily giving their time, so a big thank you to them in advance.

This event is open to anyone to learn and be inspired. We will invite people to speak, make connections and ask questions at the end of the session, or in the chat.

Please note that if you work in a neighbouring county you’re welcome to come along and take any learnings about how you can make movement a priority for the people you care for, or work with.

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Please let us know if you require any support to fully access or participate in this session.
There will also be the opportunity to ask questions on the day, but questions in advance may help us to prepare the best possible answer.