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Making our Move
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The seeds are starting to grow……………..


• Reports from Carlton residents that the wildflower seeds are starting to grow. These are the ones form the Notts Wildlife Trust that I distributed a couple of weeks ago.
• Our knowledge of the benches, toilets, car parks and defibrillators in Carlton is increasing one stap at a time – helped by research done by the Gedling Gallopers running group – Adam and Sara working on how to make the inputting easier
• The number of Carlton residents taking up the 3 month Carlton Forum leisure centre memberships is increasing – the offers have been taken up by 3 Strong and Steady crew members (0ne of which is a JH resident) , another Jigsaw Homes resident and a Social Prescribing Link Worker referral – another one in the pipeline
• Going to the Funding Fair at the Richard Herrod centre this week I hooked up with the leaders of the Mental Health Befriending group in Arnold; a dance instructor who I first met the previous week on the Carlton Hill Community Action Group); the leader of one of the Sport England Together Funded groups from Ashfield (which I reviewed recently); two of the OSAAT co-ordinators who work for the Newark and Sherwood Council and Mansfield CVS; the Deputy CEO of the Newark and Sherwood CVS whose Together Funded project I have also reviewed and arranged to be filmed; a former SPLW who I met when I was the UKNN OSAAT Co-ordinator and who is now the Rushcliffe Community Development Co-ordinator; one of the Community Friendly Network team at the Notts County Council who I know through my AUKNN OSAAT work; the new Armed Forces Champion councillor who I met at the Veterans Breakfast last week and, of course, Fiona.
• The new CDW has emailed me the contact details for the Broxtowe SPLW lead and I’ve been able to hook her up with the Richard Whitehead Foundation and the Fracture Liaison Service Falls Prevention class in Wollaton. And I’ve emailed details of the Fracture Liaison Service Falls classes all over South Notts to the CDW as well as give her a CT4N leaflet.
• The Jigsaw Homes Orchard Court and Rushcliffe court schemes in Carlton went on their adventure to the Attenborough Nature Reserve this week and very much enjoyed it.
• One of the Carlton Strong and Steady crew (a superconnector) mentioned to his Activities Manager at Moreland Court about the trip and the gym membership and a potential benchmapping walk etc and then she rang me to set up a meeting (ie this happened more quickly than her response to a similar request in the email from the Neighbourhood Development Officer) – I’m going there in a fortnight to chat about enabler/barriers to getting out and what they would like to do activity wise – mentioning the various offers around at the moment. New spread of this meeting like wildfire and two of the other residents told me about it the following day when they joined my Netherfield Falls Prevention class along with a Walton Court resident.
• Lots of sharing of info on the Carlton Hill Community Action Group facebook page about local groups eg what Mums and Toddlers groups are around and where to run a Yoga class in Carlton.