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The mycelial network is growing in Carlton…


I swung by the Carlton Community Hub on Friday to have a look at the County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Hub and also drop off a food donation from the Gedling Gallopers Running Club (gratefully received and acknowledged by a lovely certificate of Thanks which the runners also appreciated). The Food Bank was a hive of activity with volunteers busily stacking shelves with donations. And the social lunch club was rocking – every table filled with people chatting, drinking beautiful homemade soup and munching on delicious scones. I was pleased to see a couple of the Wednesday Strong and Steady crew there and had a really good conversation with another lady who had heard about the Falls Prevention and Management classes and also wanted to join them – systems build at the speed of trust? But wondered why in such a busy place, no-one was at the Health and Wellbeing Hub – the staff seemed to be glued to their stand and weren’t engaging with any of the lunch goers and the leaflets were flat down on the table so didn’t look enticing. Could some of the hub volunteers help draw people to the stand? Could the stand have local information on it and higher up to look more inviting?

Saturday saw me at the Veterans Breakfast at the Richard Herrod Centre where it was great to hook up with Dion, the manager, and talk about what’s happening there and also to meet Dave from the It’s Inn the Bank pub in Netherfield who was doing the catering. Dave and his team did such marvellous work supporting people during the pandemic and still do so now, helping people with shopping/meds pick ups and providing free soup on a Monday. A local councillor was also there as was Val Green the fireball of energy who runs the Carlton Hill Community Action Group and facebook page and who does so much for the local community. And I met some wonderful people who had served in the Army, RAF and Navy. ….who knew there were so many Star Trek fans in our armed services?

After a presentation at the Carlton Community Partners meeting by Community Transport for Nottingham (CT4N), I talked about their services and distributed leaflets at all my exercise classes as well as communicating these offerings to the Jigsaw Homes Neighbourhood Development Officer and the Scheme Co-ordinators – I could see so much potential for independent living scheme tenants using one of the CT4N minibuses to take either one of the pre-arranged trips out to Newstead Abbey or East Bridgford Garden Centre or the new Age UK Notts Health Walk in Arnot Hill Park as well as using the accessible buses to travel to medical appointments or social activities or exercise classes – certainly one of the Arnold Strong and Steady crew already uses the EasyLink buses to come to and from the classes. Michael from the Carlton Community Hub was also interested in using the minibus service for his Saturday morning Friendship club.

And finally, the Arnold Strong and Steady crew was in good voice on Friday as we sang Psalm 150 – the last piece of music that one of our members played on the organ at the Albert Hall in Nottingham – this came about by me recounting that I’d been there the previous night for a school concert – singing while marching is good dual tasking which helps our brains and thus our balance and it was also good for us all to remember times where we had been at the Albert Hall……not sure the organist was quite so enamoured by my singing though!

Sara Davies