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Relationship Building


Relationship building

I popped into the lunch club at the Carlton Hub. Saw the Health and Wellbeing Hub. Had heard from one of the Strong and Steady crew about how one Friday there had been a blood pressure clinic which had gone down well. Thought could the Gedling Leisure Fitness Promotions Officer bring his Boditrax machine down here as he was keen to have it at a community event and I realised that as about 50 people come to the lunch here every Friday this is a readymade community event – ie building on what’s already there rather than having to spend time and money organising something new.

Checked this out with the County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Hub’s manager and the Carlton Hub’s leader – they were both OK.
Suggested it to Johann, the Fitness Promotions Officer who went down to the hub one Friday to check it out. Too logistically complicated to take the Boditrax machine there but he is now going to attend with colleagues to hand out information about leisure centre activities

I’d connected Johann with the Operations Manager of Connect Health whose physios support patients at Carlton Forum for 6 weeks – could they be welcomed by leisure centre fitness staff and drawn into other LC offerings after their 6 weeks? The physios and fitness staff have met and formulated a plan. Rachael Dyer from APT has got some Together Fund money to help this pathway. Johann has now reconnected with me to see how I can help with this and is meeting Connect Health again on Thursday to work out how they can work effectively together.