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Pop up green spaces….. one step at a time


Pop up green spaces, one step at a time…..

Fiona from Gedling Borough Council, Suzy from Age Concern and I spoke to Katie from Notts Wildlife Trust about their resources and how keen they were to engage people in the world outside their four walls. Suzy is keen to develop this in the day centre at Age Concern.

Fiona and I then discussed this with Martin, the Jigsaw Homes Neighbourhood Development Officer who said he would email his Scheme Co-ordinators about it. And I then spoke to my Jigsaw Homes Seated Exercise gang about the 30 day Wild in June activities – I thought this might be a simple way of starting to get people involved and it’s something easy that they can do either individually or as a group. We agreed that I would see if I could order a resource pack to be delivered to one of the residents for them to put in the lounge and have a go at doing during June. We’ll see what this leads onto – if anything….

One of the other JH scheme co-ordinators spoke to her residents this morning – they were interested in a trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve – Martin is now going to organise for this to happen. There were a couple of gentlemen who were interested in being more involved with green space activities going forward and I spoke to one of them as I was unloading my car and he was sitting outside his flat enjoying the afternoon sunshine, the birdsong, time to breathe etc. We chatted about Men in Sheds, how he’d been involved in building a bug hotel somewhere else, how he’d like to build one here so I’ll keep in touch with him now about how to take this forward. Conscious that he still works so don’t want to overwhelm him. I also talked to the Orchard Court Seated Exercise crew and they were OK for me to order the 30 day Wild resource pack (arranging for it to be delivered to the Scheme Co-ordinator) and then again we’ll see where this takes us. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of enthusiasm among this particular group of people but it might pique the interest of other residents. Or not!!! But we did enjoy listening to the birds while we box stepped to ‘In the Summertime’ and there was a lot of chat about lawn mowing and daisies so we’ll be able to tick off at least one box on the activity calendar!

Interestingly enough I haven’t heard anything back from the other Scheme Co-ordinators ie we seem to have a bit more action when we’re building on current relationships with an existing group.

…..And when talking to local mover and shaker Val at the Veterans’ Breakfast Club at the Richrad Herrod Centre, she wanted to be connected to NWT Katie and has now posted details of the 30 days Wild in June resource pack on the NG3 and NG4 Facebook page…