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Planting seeds


I popped into St Paul’s Men in Sheds today after my conversation with one of their members who works as a caretaker at a venue at which I instruct Strong and Steady classes.

He couldn’t be there today as he goes into a Drop in for a Coffee at a local church but I’d given him my business card on Tuesday and it was there on their table this morning.

The main guy, Paul Howard, is on holiday but the others made me feel really welcome and have given me his number so I can get in touch with him.

They meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-12.30. Pay £1 a week which goes towards the refreshments.

They chat and make things; they do odd jobs for St Paul’s, Carlton Hill Methodist Church and the Carlton Baptist Church. They have a garden – and have made a special plot with flowers, a small pond for birds etc for the Orchard Court residents to see. They cut down the hedge to improve the view. They have planted trees and grow fruit and veg, they’ve got a compost patch, bird boxes. They’ve got a polytunnel and a greenhouse.

They’re small – don’t want to have loads more members because they’ve only got a small space. They could do with more raw materials but again don’t want to be inundated as they haven’t got much storage space.

I think there’s scope to work with this delightful bunch of gentlemen to build on what they’re already doing with local partners and residents in terms of pop-up green spaces.