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What I get out of coming to the strength and balance classes
• ‘I can now dust under my furniture and on high shelves/cupboards’
• ‘I was able to get down to the floor to do a deep clean of my fridge and get up again . I know this sounds small but it’s really important for me.’
• ‘I can put on my own socks.’
• ‘I feel strong enough to be able to book a holiday.’
• ‘I come here feeling tired and a bit grumpy. I walk out at the end with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. It’s just what I need.’

What’s difficult?
• ‘Putting on compression socks – it’s really hurting my hands. I’ve tried all the gadgets but they don’t help.’
• ‘Trying to organise a trip for my fellow residents in my housing scheme. I got the number of a minibus company, sorted out a destination – York, got people signed up with them agreeing to pay £18 each, even got the actual money from them only to find out that because one of them was going in a wheelchair, it meant that he had to take up 4 seats which meant that either he had to pay extra for 4 seats or everyone else had to pay more. Do I ask him not to go so that I can get 4 other people and everyone pays the same, or ask him to pay more or go somewhere cheaper which we can afford with the money already paid? I wish I’d never taken this on – I’ve been up and down the stairs, knocking on everyone’s doors…’
• Getting from the changing room into the swimming pool – ‘I’m going at the quiet swimming time for the over 65s at Carlton Forum – Fridays 3-4pm. But there’s only one lifeguard on duty who’s sitting up on the high chair. And there’s about 50 other swimmers so they can’t help me. I’m terrified that I’m going to slip on the floor. My stick slips. I wear non slip shoes but then there’s no chair at the poolside so nothing to sit down on to take the shoes off before I get in the pool so I have to stand on one leg which I struggle to do. Then there’s nowhere to put my stick when I’m in the pool. And there seem to be inflatable tyres flung on the side of the pool which make it difficult to navigate round. I’m fine when I’m in the pool but the way there and back is treacherous. I thought there would be someone to help me but there isn’t – I’m not sure I want to go again.’

• Who dares wins – it doesn’t matter what age you are or what physical condition you are in – it’s all about mental attitude – those that look on the bright side and push themselves that little bit harder can achieve great things.

What I’ve found difficult
• I went to see the residents in a local housing scheme, talked to them about various offerings; 7 were interested in a trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve. I spoke to the Neighbourhood Development Officer who said that they could join a minibus he’d already booked for 2 August. All we needed was for the Activities Co-ordinator to follow up with the interested parties to check that they still wanted to go, were available on that day and happy with the timings – please note there is no cost involved. After three weeks of emails to the AC, follow up conversations with three of the residents who attend my classes and hadn’t heard anything from the AC; we have finally got the list together and confirmed that the residents are all aware of the arrangements. This feels harder than it should have been!

Residents supporting partners
• One local user of the Carlton Community Hub wants to nominate it for the 2023 Pride of Gedling Outstanding Community Project Award ‘for turning an empty building into a real community asset’. He’s discussed it with me, printed out leaflets to distribute to local residents which we’ve done this morning at the Strong and Steady class and he’s done at Age Concern.

Residents supporting residents, partners supporting partners, partners supporting residents
• The monthly Veteran’s Breakfast Club held their first Lunch at the It’s Inn the Bank pub in Netherfield on Sunday. 15 attendees. One of the attendees who is gradually evolving into the leader (Val Green) organised it.
• The Carlton Community Hill Action Group have set a date (29 Nov) for the Turning On of the Christmas Lights – they have set up a separate chat on their Facebook page for potential stallholders to get in touch and communicate with each other.
• The Friends of King George V Recreation Ground met last night to draft their constitution (Councillor Paul Feeney and Jane Richardson from GBC in attendance.) An Inaugural General Meeting has been set up for 15 August to approve the constitution and elect Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Next steps set up Bank Account. Discussions about organising community consultation and evidencing need for any proposed development work. Jane R advised small steps eg benches, noticeboards etc and a fundraising event to bring the community together.
• Age Friendly Carlton progressing with more shops/businesses signing up, work being done with Active Notts on a promotional poster for Carlton Community Hub Launch day in September.
• Benchmapping work progressing – Gedling Gallopers and Age Concern sponsored walkers have input amenities so far. Moreland Court keen to get involved in a Benchmapping Treasure Hunt one Saturday afternoon – Sara to arrange; one of the Friends of George V has also been out mapping – I’m going to ask her to use Adam’s form to input her findings.
• Nature activities – Rushcliffe and Orchard Court have been on their trip to Attenborough Nature reserve – plans have now been finalised for Foxhill and Moreland Courts to go on 2 August. Orchard Court now planning to got to Matlock on another trip – one step at a time….
• 3 month membersbip of Calton Forum offering – as of today 1 referral from Connect Health, none from ABL, 7 from the community.
• Connections between FoKGV, Fiona from GBC and Skate Nottingham regarding skateboarding opportunities in Carlton during the summer
• Connections between new Synergy Community Development Officer, Melissa from Active Notts, me
• Noticing more engagement from SPLWs, Social Care, Connect Health in local activities