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Derbyshire Active Carers Network – Carers Survey

As part of the Derbyshire Active Carers Network, we’re keen to understand more about how we can support our carers to consider their own health and wellbeing and incorporate physical activity into their lives.

Answering these questions help us to plan future events, how we support a growing network and what would also help us provide better support to our paid and unpaid carers.

How confident do you feel to support/encourage people to be active?
With 1 being not very confident and 5 being very confident.
How satisfied are you with your own activity levels?
How satisfied are you with the amount of social contact you have?
How familiar are you with local resources/opportunities to meet people & be active?
What is your level confidence in accessing these?
With 1 being not very confident and 5 being very confident.

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