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Right Resources

Here are some of the examples of where the considerations have been put into practice.

There are so many amazing community groups engaging with communities and empowering people to be active in a way that works for them, but these are just a few of their stories.

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Our Gang

They ensured that the facilities and resources would be appropriate for this ND community – acoustics, lighting, no whiteboards, space to be authentic to themselves, melt down area, appropriate activities for this group (rules, focus, detail) and space for carers to share experiences. Gradually expanded into four rooms so suitable places for all needs. These include a black out room with no noise for distressed young people. They also have a Facebook page which is working well and parents are using it to support each other and pass on information.

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Diversify Education

All of their activities involve a meal either as a buy in, a carrot for some or a necessity for those with limited means. The communal meal after the Dads and Lads football session is a great opportunity for everyone to talk and engage in conversations about their wellbeing and mental health as well as building connections with other members of the community. One of the lads travels from Sneinton via two buses to attend the sessions despite there being another football community clubs in his area. He felt that none of the sessions were suitable for him because he didn’t see people who looked like him. A refugee comes from Derby, meaning he has one less day a week at work, so he can join in the sessions. He had no friends or social connections but he’s now got a focus for the week, somewhere safe to play footy, have a warm meal and a chat.

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Deaf-initely Women

Walking groups were arranged and planned as a collaboration between Deaf-initely Women and local walk coordinators in Derby, meaning that they considered details and barriers that wouldn’t have been considered without their involvement.

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The Indian Community Centre Association

Attendees were asked to make a small contribution so that the session could continue after the initial funding stopped and that worked as they were already interested and invested in the sessions.

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Your Time – Believe, Belong, Become CIC

Each of the participants had a loyalty card and when they got 10 stickers they could then get a branded water bottle or T shirt, even small rewards can have a big effect.