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Here are some of the examples of where some of the considerations have been put into practice.

There are so many amazing community groups engaging with communities and empowering people to be active in a way that works for them, but these are just a few of their stories.

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Your Time – Believe, Belong, Become CIC

The leader already had a group of women she was supporting with weight loss. She talked with them about what activities they’d like to do and put on taster sessions – one of the activities they suggested was walking and this group has evolved.  From this she is also running sessions on Nordic Walking, The Wardrobe Fairy, Line Dancing, Tai Chi and Mindfulness Forest Bathing

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She Will

The group offered one off Taster sessions and then a course six weeks in the local community. Because the venue and instructor are local, the girls can continue with that specific activity either in a group or one to one.  They have also built friendships so can continue doing other activities with SheWill.

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Our Gang

The leader is neuro divergent (ND), as is her husband and children. She ensured that the volunteers all understood what it is like to be neuro divergent and how best to support ND young people and their carers – for example, they are either ND themselves or have family members who are ND or they are already working with ND young people, such as the Deputy Headteacher of the local school. The young people have their carers with them at the club but these carers are given some respite. The Move More Glossop officer supporting them also ensured that she attended training so that she understood what it is like to be ND and the needs of ND children and young people to help make the offering as appropriate as possible.  She has also organised training for the volunteers on ND, safeguarding, and two have trained up as First Aiders.

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Ashfield Spartans

The leader provides a safe haven for young people, builds a sense of community and a sense of belonging. He and the team build friendships with the participants, fostering a feeling of “we’re all here to help each other improve”. The young people are inspired by the success of others. One participant became the Midlands Boxing Champion and came in to see the others with his winning belt. He’s become a role model to others there. 

The leads understood that they needed to provide consistency. As they were from the local area, they had a some level of trust within the community but in addition, they provided structure to the sessions – explaining how it was going to run and sticking with it so young people knew what to expect.

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Age UK Notts

As part of this Together Fund project, participants on their walks were upskilled to be middle and back markers and then were later trained as walk leaders to lead their own walks

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Newark & Sherwood CVS – the Butterfly Project

They spent four months setting up the service before asking for referrals. They used the name Butterfly as there was already a Butterfly service at Kings Mill Hospital so known and trusted. They built on their existing links in HealthCare and the Community and built more relationships by attending to every meeting they could. They also visited 30 GP practices, the Hospice, the Social Prescribing Link Workers and the District Nurses.  They advertised on local radio and TV.  The leader believes it’s really important to get the foundations right, people need to trust you, get to know you. They had a simple referral form which the health professionals can email in and the service was embedded in the Call for Care system.

They took time to get the right swimming pool with warm water for their swimming group.  They used their links with the Disability association to get the right instructor – someone who is bubbly and listens to the attendees.