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Postcode Places Trust – Grants for Smaller Community Organisations

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This fund is open to small voluntary and community organisations.  It has a wide range of priorities, some of which are listed below.  However, a key aim is to help disadvantaged people or neighbourhoods.

There are two grant thresholds depending on how the applicant organisation is constituted. One stream of the grant is up to £5,000 and the other is up to £25,000. Successful organisations should aim to have all funds spent within
18 months of receipt.

This fund has three application windows. The first for 2024 opens 25 March for one week. Therefore, bids need to be ready in advance.

This round will close 1st April at 12 noon.

Dates for further funding rounds are:

  • Round 2: 24th June 9am to 1st July 12 noon.
  • Round 3: 24th September 9am to 1st October 12 noon.

Funding themes include:

  • Enabling participation in physical activity.
  • Supporting marginalised groups and tackling inequality.
  • Improving green spaces and increasing access to the outdoors.

Funding rounds are always oversubscribed, meaning it is not always possible to fund all strong applications. To support decision making, priority will be given to charities and good causes which meet some or all the following criteria:

  • Funding organisations with an annual income of £250,000 and below.
  • Funding for communities that rank as being within the top 15% on the English Indices of Deprivation.
  • Funding for groups that are set up to support people from the following minority/marginalised groups:
    • Communities experiencing racial inequity
    • Disabled people
    • LGBT+ people.

Further information will be available from 25th March 2024.

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