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Systems Leadership – How can I Influence? Framing and Reframing

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Systems Leadership – How can I Influence? Framing and Reframing





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Systems leadership is based on the idea that you can have influence, through building relationships and trust, irrespective of your place in the system, your band, grade or any formal description of your role.  Systems aren’t set in stone; neither are they based solely on rules, strategies and policies.  Systems can change, and they will do this through the relationships that people have, the stories they tell each other and the influence they can muster through these narratives.

But for the narratives to work, they need to find fertile ground, or at least ground that’s been prepared. And this is where thinking about framing and reframing comes in. 

The frames we have – and we all have them – are basically the way we think about things: the way we see our organisations, or sectors, or other sectors; the way we view other departments or even individuals – “oh, they’re the blockers, they’ll never allow anything different”.  Frames get reinforced over time, and become part of the culture.  But the great thing is that they’re not immutable; they can change, both gradually and suddenly.  

So being able to change someone’s frame about an issue – how they see something – is a great way to shift perspectives, behaviour and ultimately what happens on the ground.  It’s a great tool to have in your armoury. 

The session will be practical and interactive, focusing on reframing and tools such as Empathy Mapping, and will give you an opportunity to stand back and think about the frames in your own system, using reflective practice and peer coaching to get advice from a broader group. The aim is for you to come away with skills that you can practise and put to use with the people you work with, and to gain some insights into the frames that might be important for you. We hope you’ll find it genuinely helpful.

The session will be 3 hours long from 1pm to 4pm.