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Social connections

This morning I went to St Paul’s Church in Carlton for their Easter Sunday communion service. This was a lovely service reminding us of the Easter message and the value of community. Interesting to note how the majority of the congregation were in their 70s and 80s; just a couple, including me, in their 50s; and about 6 young children and their mothers.

It also gave me an opportunity to reconnect with the Reverend Wendy Murphy and Pat Spruyt who I’d met at a local Carlton Partners’ meeting hosted by Active Notts and Gedling Borough Council about 18 months ago. I also bumped into three people I knew from the Orchard Court Seated Exercise to Music classed at Jigsaw Homes’ independent living scheme (situated just behind the church) and also from St George’s in Netherfield. And also interesting to see that they were also all down (and others from the classes) to attend the High Tea and celebration of the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6 May. I will also make sure that I let others I meet in the community know about this gathering.

And a reminder about the power of connections – about 6 months ago my running group and I went to the Richard Herrod Centre to see a Take That tribute band. Whilst there I thought I recognised a couple of people who I hadn’t seen for 40 years who were the daughters of my old Brown Owl and Vicar. We got chatting and I am now back in touch with one on social media. Today I received an email from the other lady who said that she’d been talking to someone in the living scheme she administers about the Strong and Steady classes I run in Netherfield and would I be able to run a session for her tenants. It’s a small world……………….