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Walking the Beat


Walking the Beat

I know this is about Arnold but it has relevance to community connecting in Carlton.

Last Saturday I went to pick up some new cycling kit from The Bike Shop in Arnold (BTW a really well equipped shop). Whilst moseying around the streets I bumped into Strong and Steady participants from Arnold and Calverton and was able to learn more about the Arnold shopping experience which is good to know to be able to relate to clients in my Arnold classes. I also went to the new café in the marketplace (delicious ‘create your own’ salads) and was able to talk about this with the Friday class.

And then on Monday I had a walking meeting in Arnot Hill Civic Park with a Community Care Officer from Adult Social Care. She appreciated being outside after being chained to her desk all day. We sauntered around learning more about the park (which is where the Age UK Notts Health Walk is based), finding a way down to the Vale Pub and discovering the reason there is an area called DayBrook – a brook called the Day brook runs through the field next to the pub. We met one of my Strong and Steady crew and chatted to the local police officers. We spotted a lovely little group of ducklings and pointed these out to other people enjoying the park – the outside equivalent of dropping a 20p! And we updated each other about what we were doing and hearing and the CCO was able to put me in touch with the Community Care Navigators and Pre-Frailty Co-ordinator (who I’ve now hooked up with). An excellent way of learning about the area, observing what’s going on and building a network…….and moving more in the alter afternoon sunshine at the same time.