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Another busy week on the connecting front 27/01/2023


Another busy week on the connecting front… Met with

Age UK Notts
• Met with Vicky Gutteridge, exchanged news on what we’re each doing and starting to set up meetings with the SPLWs.
• You’re probably already aware of this but Naomi Martin is starting as the Senior Operations Manager for the SPLWs (the role that Jackie MacGuinness did before) and Angela Taylor, one of the existing SPLWs, has stepped up to be Senior Link Worker (the role that Dawn Soteriou was doing)
• Have forwarded the 1 Feb meeting invite to Vicky to see if one of them could attend the meeting. She suggested having AUKNN bring info on Digital Inclusion support, Warm and Wise, Scams advice.
• Vicky also told me about the funding they’re got from Age UK National to set up a walking group from a surgery – she’s thinking about Hucknall but also wondered about Arnold as to my knowledge there isn’t a walking group there at the moment – Fiona am I right with this? I suggested maybe running one from Stenhouse. Dr Kate Evans would be supportive I think – and the surgery is central but also not too far from the Rec. And there’s loads of places for post walk refreshments.

Age Concern
Met with Suzy Layton and Derek at Age Concern.
They’re keen to be part of the Carlton Partner group and I’ve invited Suzy along to the meeting next Wednesday – hope that’s OK. If so, can we give Suzy a chance to talk about her activities at Age Concern and their plans to restart Age Friendly Carlton please? I attach two documents from their pre pandemic scheme for info.
• They want to have some focus groups with residents to find out what will get them out and about on Carlton Hill – I’ve talked to two of my groups at the Methodist Church and Orchard Court and they’re happy to be involved with this. I’d also like to approach Moreland Court (through Martin) and see if we can set up a focus group there – that will be a nice way to get them connected into what we’re trying to do in Carlton
• Suzy will then want to re-engage with businesses to get them on board (they had about 15 local businesses involved pre-pandemic); work out what their individual tailored pledges will be; and design a poster which they can put in their windows. Do you know someone who could help them design this and a logo please – not too expensive, similar to Dementia Friends poster. Could we help them with funding the production and printing of these? I think they wouldn’t want it to be branded up with lots of logos – just making it Carlton specific.
• And then the plan is to advertise this to local residents. I can distribute information to local business and pharmacies, surgeries, Park House health centre, partner contacts, Jigsaw Homes residents through Martin and scheme co-ordinators and my class participants and then ask the participants to distribute to their own networks and ask Michael/Dave to promote through Carlton Hill Methodist Church and Social Care/SPLWs to make service users aware of it. Also thought about Carlton Hill Community Group Facebook page, NG4, This is Gedling, Gedling Seniors Forum. Gedling Health and Wellbeing newsletter, Carlton U3A, Churches Together etc.

Carlton Forum
• Met with Johann Polak (GBC leisure) and Susan Callanan from Connect Health
• Introduced them to each other. They talked about what each of them is doing. Lots of energy since the meeting which was only yesterday afternoon. They’ve shared their docs with each other and are organising for the CH physios to meet with Johann and Gayner and Sue P (DM and Carlton Forum exercise referral/specialist conditions instructors) to talk about how in reality they can connect with CH patients and draw them into the leisure centre –instructors popping into the CH sessions, friendly faces, info on services on offer, special deals etc. They’re trying to do this in Feb. BTW Johann has been a CH patient so his lived experience is helping with this

Carlton Community Hub Worker
• Met again with the Carlton Hub Community Worker Dave Cobbin yesterday and we’re hoping to have a longer conversation next Wednesday.
• Also just to note that a lady turned up wanting to volunteer there and I had a new participant who came because one of her neighbours had told her about it. This word of mouth is so important and the more we can do to facilitate that the better methinks.

Linda Pattison , One Step at a Time Co-ordinator
• I also met with Linda Pattison – keeping in the loop about what we’re doing, seeing and hearing; and sharing news on what is working/not working so well and why.
• She said that she’s in contact with you Rachael about the Caribbean Elders and maybe getting some Together Funding for trips out.
• FYI apparently there’s someone doing chair-based exercise over in Hucknall – 20-40 participants a session. She’s going to get her details – don’t whether she’s a PSI – can’t be doing FaME with those numbers!

Promoting Independence Worker
• Can’t remember if I told you that I’d also had a good conversation with one of the Social Care Promoting Independence Workers so got a much better feel as to what they can do

Existing groups
• Promoted Age Concern services to Falls Prevention crew and given out leaflets. Some are going to lunches there and Friendship Club on Saturdays.
• Done the same to Orchard Court crew. They really enjoyed the pantomime on Monday, a couple are going to AC café for lunch on Fridays and about 5 are going to St Pauls on Thursdays for Warm Space soup and roll.

Community event planning meeting
• Do we have a plan of how we’re going to facilitate the event next week?
• I haven’t invited a resident to attend yet – don’t know if next week’s meeting is appropriate but I can certainly talk to my groups at the church and Orchard Court about what sort of things would entice them to come along to the event.