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Landfill Communities Funding

The Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) enables landfill operators to donate part of their annual tax liability which can be spent on eligible community and environmental projects. Not for profit organisations can apply for this funding for projects which have not already started and which are open to the general public.

There are a number of ‘objects’ which can be supported by this funding. The most relevant one for sport and physical activity projects is ‘object D’.

Eligible projects for object D are: ‘Where it is for the protection of the environment, the provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or amenity in the vicinity of a landfill site’.

The environment is interpreted as including the social and built environment as well as the natural environment. Projects which do not relate to a public park must relate to another amenity. Common examples of amenities which could be supported by landfill communities funding include activity centres, bridleways and cycle paths, community centres, village halls, sporting facilities, museums and libraries. A park or amenity is open to the public, if it is for the public as a whole and there are no unreasonable limitations as to who can use it, for example parks and amenities only accessible to specific user groups defined by age, sex, disability, race. However, it is acknowledged that some parks and amenities by their nature may have certain restrictions places on their use e.g. the equipment in a play area may be restricted to a certain age range for health and safety reasons but the amenity as a whole can be used by the general public as they can access the play area. The park or amenity must not be operated with a view to profit and open to all to join if the facility is operated on a membership basis.

N.B. Most Landfill Communities Funders will require a ‘third party contribution‘, before they will release the grant. This is approximately 10% of the amount of funding awarded. Therefore, it is essential that you check the guidance.

The Different Landfill Communities Funds

The following Landfill Operators have sites in Notts and/or Derbyshire:

  • Tarmac
  • Biffa
  • FCC Communities Foundation
  • Veolia
  • Valencia
  • SUEZ

See below for more information about the different Landfill Communities Funds. Further information can also be found on Entrust’s website below.

Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund

The Derbyshire Environmental Trust administers the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund nationally. If your project is near to a Tarmac quarry, waste, cement or lime site you may be eligible to apply for a grant.

In Derbyshire, Tarmac has such sites at Whitwell, Chaddesden (in Derby), Barrow on Trent / Swarkestone, Nether Langwith, Renishaw, Cromford, Ballidon and Tunstead (near Buxton).

In Nottinghamshire, Tarmac has such sites at: Calverton (NG5 8PR), Bestwood (NG15 8FL), Lockington (DE74 2RG), Besthorpe (NG23 7HQ), Langford (NG23 7RF), Whisby (Lincs borders – LN6 9BT)

There may be other eligible sites on borders with other counties. Staff at the Derbyshire Environmental Trust are happy to check for you on a case by case basis.

Normally projects must be in a seven-mile radius of such a site. The project site must also be within a 10-mile radius of a licensed landfill site.

The Fund will consider projects within a seven mile radius of a Tarmac quarry, cement, lime or waste operation however, they prioritise applications close to / affected by their operations, so rarely fund much more than 3-4 miles, unless there is some impact from their site on the local community. Projects also need to be within 10 miles of a licensed landfill site of any operator.

N.B. applicants should have several things in place including:

  • all match funding in place (or be seeking 100% of the project costs)
  • identified/confirmed the third-party contribution
  • all permissions in place for the project to proceed (including planning permission, any faculty or listed building consent necessary)
  • any lease agreements or other landowner approvals in place
  • complete the project works within 12 months of a grant offer

For full details and an application pack email: det@derbyshire.gov.uk or Tel: 01629 539182 or 01629 538614.

Biffa Award

Biffa Award provides funding under the Recreation theme to projects that transform open spaces for the benefit of the community, providing them with more opportunities to become involved in recreational activity. However, N.B. Biffa Award do not fund sporting related projects, but they will consider applications from sports clubs for building works or improvements to clubhouse facilities, that can demonstrate multi-usage within the wider community, and that are not for the sole use of the sports club or any other organisation.

Biffa has operations across the country including Derby. Your project must be based within five miles of a Biffa Operation or 10 miles of an active Biffa landfill site. Click here to check eligibility.

You can apply for between £10,000 and £75,000, however the total cost of the project must be less than £200K. You will need to find a third party contributor(s) to provide 10% of the grant you are applying for.

This scheme operates a rolling application process, allowing you to apply at anytime.

The Derbyshire Environmental Trust is able to apply to Biffa Award for funding towards projects it has adopted.

FCC Community Action Fund

There is an FCC Communities Foundation (formerly known as WREN) operation located near to central Nottingham (Eastcroft EfW Facility, Incinerator Road, off Cattle Market Road, NG2 3JH) and at Cotham, near Newark (Staple Quarry Landfill Site, Grange Lane, Cotham, NG24 3JJ).

FCC is able to accept applications for projects sited within England in their operating areas within 10 miles of eligible FCC Environment site.

FCC’s website includes an interactive map where you can check if your project is within the fund’s catchment area, which includes areas to the east of Derbyshire as well as parts of Nottinghamshire.

Grants of between £2,000 and £100,000 are available for projects with a maximum total project cost of £500,000 through their FCC Community Action Fund.

FCC can only accept applications from the following types or organisations:

  • Registered Charity which operates a community facility
  • A Church or Parochial Church Council
  • A Parish or Town Council or a Management Committee or User Association acting on behalf of a Parish or Town Council
  • A Local Authority
  • A CASC Registered Sports Club

N.B. Competition for funding is considerable. You should read carefully the Guide for Applicants and ensure your project meets the fund’s criteria and that you can show the difference the project will make to your local community. WREN requires all projects to be delivered within 12 months of their funding decision.

Also, please note that a third-party contribution of 10.75% of the amount you are applying for will be required if successful.

Veolia Environmental Trust

Veolia have operations across the country with eligible areas towards the north east of Derbyshire, to the south of Derbyshire, and towards the north of Nottinghamshire. Please use their online Postcode Checker to identify whether your project is in an area they cover.

As well as your project meeting their postcode criteria, you must have 20% of the project cost in cash before you submit Stage 1 of their application and if you need any permissions e.g. planning, they must be secured before you submit Stage 2 of your application.

Constituted, not for profit groups can apply for capital improvement projects at a single site relating to:

  • Community buildings and rooms,
  • Outdoor spaces (e.g. public parks, footpaths, bridleways or cycle-paths),
  • Play and recreation (e.g. play areas, skateparks, MUGAs, sports grounds, pavilions or changing rooms)

Projects must be open to the wider general public for at least 104 days a year, without limit or unreasonable restrictions of use.

Grants of between £10,000 and £75,000 are available for projects with a maximum project cost of no more than £250K including VAT and professional costs. Projects must be completed within 12 months.

There are four funding rounds each year.

N.B. For awards of £40,000 and above, an independent third-party contributor will need to reimburse the landfill operator the 10% shortfall to release the grant. This contribution can be made by another funder, a local council or an individual.

Valencia Communities Fund

Valencia Communities Fund runs the following funding schemes in England:

1) Main Grants Scheme provides grants up to £50,000.

3) Large Grants Scheme provides grants between £50,001 and £100,000. This programme is their most competitive.

Valencia has a site towards the north east of Derbyshire. Check the availability of funding in your area by using their Postcode Checker .

When your application is received, the Grants Officer will email you to acknowledge receipt of your application and to ask any questions arising from processing it. Once any questions have been answered, the Grants Officer will score your application against a number of criteria in order to assess whether your project fits in with the aims of Valencia Communities Fund and the Landfill Communities Fund. If your application does not exceed the minimum score or your project is otherwise ineligible for funding from Valencia Communities Fund, then the Grants Officer will email you to let you know. 

Any application that is not complete or that has any issues after the closing date will not be considered at the following meeting. You are strongly advised to submit your Stage 2 application far in advance of the closing date to ensure that any issues with your application can be resolved before the closing date. Read more about the application process here.

SUEZ Communities Trust

Projects need to be within 2.5 miles of a qualifying SUEZ site. However, SUEZ have three sites within Derbyshire at Buxton, Ilkeston and Arkwright near Chesterfield. You can easily check if your project site is within 2.5 miles of a qualifying site using their postcode checker.

SUEZ Communities Trust provides funds to not-for-profit organisations to undertake work that is eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). This includes Object D – to provide, maintain or improve an amenity that is used primarily for leisure and recreation.

There are two funding programmes:

1) Smaller Project Fund for awards between £1 and £20,000. Projects must have an overall cost of no more than £40K. Projects must start within 3 months and complete within 12 months of the funding being awarded.

2) Primary Fund for awards between £1 and £50,000. Projects must have an overall cost of no more than £250,000. Projects must start within 6 months and complete within 12 months of the funding being awarded.

Not for profit organisations including parish councils, community groups, CICs, sports clubs and local authorities can apply, but they must either own the project site or have a lease with at least 5 years remaining.

Click here to find out about the Contributing Third Party payment (CTP) which is required.