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New ‘Let’s Move for Surgery’ toolkit launched

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New ‘Let’s Move for Surgery’ physical activity resources, for people with arthritis awaiting joint replacement surgery, have been launched by Versus Arthritis.

The Let’s Move for Surgery toolkit is part of the Sport England funded Let’s Move programme, which consists of a range of physical activity resources, information and support to encourage people with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions to be physically active.

Keeping active has been shown to help reduce pain and improve joint function in people with arthritis, but it is also important to try and stay as fit and healthy as possible ahead of an operation.

Let’s Move for Surgery is packed with physical activities to help people keep moving when they’re waiting for or recovering from joint replacement surgery.

This includes tailor-made, follow-along exercise routines for hip, shoulder and knee replacement, as well as full body workouts to help maintain overall fitness.

There are also personal stories and advice from those living with arthritis who have been through joint replacement surgery, as well as tips on keeping active from a physiotherapist.

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