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Looking at the Possibilities of Raising Funding Through Community Shares

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What are community shares?

Community shares offer an excellent way for groups to raise larger sums of funding for projects that benefit their communities.

They’re a popular choice for securing much-loved community assets because you can raise significantly higher average contributions when your supporters are asked to invest for the long-term, rather than simply donating.

The long-term support is one of the key reasons why 92% of community businesses that have used community shares are still trading successfully, compared to 55% for ‘normal’ businesses.

What type of organisations can benefit from offering community shares?

A wide variety of organisations have benefited from raising funding through community shares, including community venues, music venues, community pubs as well as sports organisations. Here are three examples of sports organisations which have raised significant amounts of funding through community shares:

  • On 14th December 2018 a Skate Park Project raised £132,194 with 70 investors in 64 days.
  • On June 5, 2023, a collective effort saw the Salford Red Devils RLFC  successfully raise an impressive £363,770 with the support of 1290 investors in just 42 days.

What support is available to start a Community Shares offer?

You might be able to access support and grants to help you get going through the Booster Fund. The Co-operative UK’s Booster Fund supports new and existing community businesses that are at all stages of a community share issue. Support includes, pre-grant support as well as development grants of up to £10K to help prepare a community share offer.

Where to find out further information.

Crowdfunder and ethex provide platforms to start your community shares journey.