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An insight into Physical Activity Behaviour in Nottingham City

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Scott Hartley, from our Insight partners, Press Red present’s an Insight into the Pysical Activity Behaviour of people in Nottingham City. This Insight has been created using Active Lives Survey data and the Census data and id especially interesting as it’s the first time we’ve had a chance to properly analyse physical activity behaviour pre, during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.

This presentation was delivered in January 2024. Some of the key headlines from in this presentation are:

  • Inactivity within our community is recovering from the disruption of the pandemic
  • Just over 1 in 4 adults now experience inactivity. That’s 68,000 people
  • Around 46,000 adults do no physical activity at all (if we exclude gardening)
  • The pandemic worsened inactivity among the 25 – 55 year olds and improvement has been limited since
  • Inactivity is high for the least affluent (NS SeC 6-8)and trends appear to show no improvement
  • Inactivity levels are higher for people with a limiting illness or disability
  • The pandemic had a disproportionate effect on inactivity for our Asian and other communities representing the global majority population
  • Currently, almost 1 in 3 adults living in the poorest neighbourhoods are inactive. Compared to 1 in 5 adults living in the wealthiest neighbourhoods
  • Overall, the amount of time we spend walking is at an all-time high

Please watch the video recording below to further understand the context behind these statements.

You can find out more Insights and understanding from Press Red in Derby, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as well as analysis on the habits of young people here