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Falls Prevention and Management classes are not just any old exercise class……….

Physical health

A couple of stories from this week’s Strong and Steady Falls Prevention and Management classes:

• I got a message from one of the participants saying that she’d had her knee replacement operation on Monday and that the exercises she’d done at the classes before the operation had really helped as she was able to do the post op exercises that the hospital physio had given her much better than they thought she’d be able to do
• Another lady who was socially isolated before she started attending the classes and very anxious about exercising is now making friends, has plucked up the courage to go to Slimming World and told me this week that she has lost 10lbs over the last 3 weeks and was Slimmer of the Week this week – she now has the confidence to stand up to do most of the exercises which she wasn’t to do before. It feels as if she is now on an upwards spiral which is lovely to see.

And it’s not just about helping people to gain physical and social confidence. This week after the classes I have also:

• Helped someone to work out how to use their new hearing aid
• Helped someone to use their mobile phone
• Talked to people about installing the NHS app on their phones – one of the participants brought in the information leaflet to share with everyone
• Shared stories about how to register for Easylink and book the transport