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Making our Move
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Our Partners

Working together to tackle inequalities

Increasingly we are being approached by partners keen to work in Notts and Derbyshire. Empowering people to move more in a way that works for them and to tackle inequality requires a collective effort and so here at Active Notts and Derbyshire we welcome this interest.  

We continue to learn about place-based working and every day are growing our understanding about what it takes to work together and to make the most of our collective efforts. We are learning that this sometimes means working very differently to what has been in the past.

We are sharing below our thoughts on what it takes to work in a place based way, if you have an interest in working in this way or this type of work we would love to here from you.

Place based working and how we can work together 

  • Person centered  
  • Informed by lived experience 
  • Long term no fixed end date or prescribed timeline  
  • Built on relationships
  • Led by people and communities 
  • Focusing resources where inequalities are greatest
  • Partners and communities uniting around a shared ambition 
  • Building on strengths and assets  

How we want to avoid working

  • Partners deciding what is needed
  • Landing programs, products, services and interventions in a place
  • Doing things to communities without their involvement  
  • About participant numbers over their experience  
  • Fixed term or quick fix  
  • Predetermined  
  • A transaction or introduction

What does it take

  • A willingness to flex, genuinely adapt to the needs of participants and residents
  • Stepping aside any preconceived ideas of what might be needed  
  • A desire to understand people in a place and build relationships based on trust 
  • A willingness to listen and to learn
  • An appetite to work ‘stuff’ out together stepping aside of organizational needs 
  • A Recognition that every place is different
  • Work at the pace of place  

All of our work is working towards our plan, Making our Move and so we work with partners who align with our values and vision around addressing inequality in activity. Our approach is to put resident voice and lived experience at the heart of our work and to work with communities to empower people to be active in a way that works for them. As our focus is around addressing inequality in physical activity, we will:

Support campaigns and projects with addressing inequality at their core and where lived experience and insight is indicating that a type of opportunity is wanted or needed.

Our audience on our communications platforms are generally system and voluntary sector partners working to address inequality within Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, Derby and Nottingham rather than the general public looking for opportunities to be active.

We are therefore not in a position to be able to support campaigns and projects which are aimed that those people who are already active and looking for more opportunities or challenges.

If you’d like to chat to us further about working with us, please contact us via the link below.

Making our Move

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