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Elective Home Education Support – follow up

Thank you for letting us know that you’d be interesting in helping to develop more physical activity opportunities for the Elective Home Education (EHE) Community in Bolsover.

For those who are joining the conversation now, Active Derbyshire is one of 44 Active Partnerships (AP’s) across England and we are funded by Sport England to support people living within Derby and Derbyshire to be more active. Working together, we will address inequality and empower everyone to be active in a way that works for them.

We are keen to better support the Elective Home Education Community access physical activity opportunities to support physical and mental health. Therefore we’d like to chat to parents and young people to understand what you might want and work together to develop opportunities for your children.

To help us understand what you might be interested in, please could you ask your child/children to complete the short survey below by Friday 16 February 2024. If your child is too young to complete themselves or would like to complete it with them, please feel free. If you have more than one child, please could ask each of your children to complete the survey separately as we are keen to get every child’s views and opinions.

When you’re thinking about being active is there anything that you don’t like or worry about?
Please select all that apply, you can tick more than one box
What do you like about being active?
Please select all that apply, you can tick more than one box
Would you be interested in working towards a Sports Leader qualification?
The Sports Leader qualification is the first step to coaching sessions and supporting others in different sports and physical activity sessions
If you want to help develop and organise some sessions for you and your community, please share your parent/carers email address here.

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