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Tackling Loneliness Collaborative 20/1/2023

Social connections

I had a really good meeting yesterday with Kirsty Veitch-Sorsby – Tackling Loneliness Collaborative Lead. We’re going to stay in touch regularly with what each of us is doing. https://www.bcvs.org.uk/tlcnn

She sent me the link to the TLC web pages – you’ve probably seen these resources already but just in case you haven’t here’s the link.

I’ve been reading some of the documents – some are quite lengthy but really good for setting context on what is happening at high level strategy. I particularly liked the ‘A Connected Society’ paper especially the observation that ‘the most effective answer to the challenge of loneliness is the simple decision of families, friends, faith groups and communities to include each other and to be open to new social connections’ which is what we’re seeing and hearing at grass roots level.

I also liked the section on Asset Based Community Development in the Top Tips guide which showed that our approach to the Carlton Community Connecting work is absolutely on page ie:

• Mapping the capacities and assets in the area
• Building relationships and connections between residents and between residents and agencies to change values and attitudes
• Mobilising residents to become self organising and active by sharing knowledge and resources and identifying common interests
• Convening a core group of residents to identify the key theme or issue that will inspire people to get organised and create a vision and a plan levering in outside resources.