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Conversations in the Carlton Strong and Steady falls prevention and management exercise classes this morning at the Carlton Hub:

2 participants extolling the benefits of the food parcels – tasy food and good value for money
2 participants saying how much they, and others they knew, were enjoying the Monday afternoon arts and crafts session – the social element as well as the opportunity to bring their own craft projects along e.g. knitting, sewing and painting as well as the themed activities. Mentioned how friendly you are when you pop in Michael.
1 participant promoting the Red Cross fund raiser at the Hub on Saturday afternoon
1 participant talking about the bingo she goes to at the Jigsaw Homes Common Room on Carlton Hill And the games evening on a Saturday – both self managed by tenants.
The same lady who is a Foxhill resident will talk to the other resident who runs the monthly gardening club there about the Notts Wildlife Trust resources
We are exercising as well as talking(!) And have made some noticeable improvements. Interestingly 2 are also eating more healthily and losing weight.
And they’re now all helping out with the refreshments and clearing away at the end – real teamwork.

A lovely little community of hope.