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Overheard and seen in Falls Prevention classes this week – 3/03/23

Physical health

Well today saw:

• me demonstrating how to put the cover on a duvet
• one lady who struggled to stand up from her chair on week 1 standing up, getting down to the floor on one knee and up again on her own 5 times on today, week 20, saying she was really proud of herself and that she was conscious that she didn’t stop smiling from when she entered the room to when she left it each week
• the daughter of one of the participants texting me to say how much her mum is enjoying a befriending group which she has joined on the recommendation of another participant
• singing along to ‘the day thou gavest, Lord, is ended’ as we exercised with the World Day of Prayer going on in the space across the corridor from us. Up and along the ridge from Kendal in the morning – Snowdon in the afternoon.
• sharing the Easy Link details (thank you Rachael) to help people access activities
• quotes -” these are really helping my knee’; ‘I’m finding it so much easier to go up and down stairs now”

These are not just exercise classes…………