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Rekindling memories, creating new memories

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Rekindling memories, creating memories

The Strong and Steady crew ‘go’ to different places in our imaginations on our ‘big marches’. We’ve been up at Everest to bring the news back to the King for his Coronation, we’ve been up Snowdon on St David’s Day and last week we went to Highfield Park at Nottingham University and Gedling Country Park.

On our saunter around the lake at Nottingham University we introduced some people to the wonders there and excited their interest in going there for the first time with their grandchildren – we talked about the playground, the mini golf, the café, the rowing boats for hire, the different types of duck, we took big steps across the stepping stones and admired the explosion of colour in the rhododendrons. We also heard from a couple of the gentlemen of how in their younger days they used to scale the walls of the lido in the evening to go swimming!

And as we marched around Gedling Country Park we talked about the playground, the zipwire, the new Holocaust memorial and benches, the trees and wildflowers growing in the Queen’s Jubilee Garden and we engaged with the cows.

A great way to advertise local places to go for a ramble in nature as well as remembering good times in the past.