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Derbyshire Making our Move Celebration Event feedback form

Thank you to everyone who attended the Derbyshire Making our Move Celebration Event on 10 October. We hope you had a great time celebrating the amazing work and people in Derby and Derbyshire. We want future events to be even better and need your help to do that, so please fill the form below.

Overall, did you enjoy the event?
Do you feel the event was a useful opportunity to learn more about some of the work happening locally?
How likely is it that you would recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
Where 0 is not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely
How did you travel to and from the event?
select multiple if needed
Feel free to tell us what you enjoyed/didn’t enjoy, any issues that happened on the day, what we could change for our next event and anything else you would like to share.

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